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Madeline Island – Wisconsin

Sometimes, life can be so hard on anyone that makes them want to just getaway to an unknown place and come back with a great heart. It surely is a boon for travelers if they finally get to visit a desired destination and make most of their travel. Oftentimes, we end up at the wrong place at the right time further getting our moods down while still clinging on to hope that we would make it to a much peaceful destination some time soon. Life revolves around plenty of secrets in our normal day-to-day lives and traveling to a secret place that’s well hidden from the eyes of avid travelers would interest any traveler. Lands that are less known, untouched and even unspoiled make a lot of difference to the idea of travel. Furthermore, the fantasy of getting lost and stranded in such islands would still be okay if the adventure involved is within the best of your capacity to face and get out of it in one piece. Relax, nothing would go wrong, it’s just another dream we are entering to.

Madeline Island

Madeline Island is located in Lake Superior just after Wisconsin and is 14 miles in length and 3 miles wide. Overall population is sparse on average which comes to 300 all year, but really swells up in the summers reaching a massive 2500 compared to the meager 300.

Midwesterners actually don’t have to travel far in their pursuit of a secluded paradise. Madeline Island is part of Apostle Islands of Wisconsin and has plenty of trappings when it comes to tropical oases, sailing charters, sandy beaches, cliff jumping, sea caves and also paddle boarding. It’s not surprising at all to see the population swell up in the summers. When you plan to visit Madeline Island in the winters, you could end up being the first to be on dogsleds or even have the opportunity to watch ice caves.

A trip to Madeline Island is worth all your patience and investment and serves as a perfect getaway when you badly need to get out of your hectic and punishing routines of daily life and get in some fresh air for greater adventures in the days to come.