The dreamy land of Konkan


We all dream, and if you don’t dream, there’s no purpose to life. Travel is one such venture where one dreams of unknown places, and the urge to see them up close becomes an obsession that indeed leads to fantasies tripping about what could possibly happen and what not. One such place is the Konkan.

Konkan is situated at the coastal strip of Maharashtra that is West of India. The narrow strip of land caught between Western Ghats and the mighty Arabian Sea is the Konkan land. Again, going back to fantasies, you could re-create the magic by actually visiting the place for real. There’s plenty this strip offers to explore and unearth nature’s secrets. You have the wavy beaches, endless fields and hilly areas that combine together depicting the region’s natural beauty and geographical location. On the horizon are majestic forts that add to the existing beauty of this strip.


An ideal location it is yet accommodations can be difficult at times, so get prepared for an adventurous outing. By doing so, you can always expect the unexpected and carry on. Konkan locals who inhabit the area have limited English knowledge and could be difficult for tourists to converse while they travel along. The strip can be accessed more easily nowadays with the full-fledged Konkan Railway project via this route. We all know what to expect of other exotic worldwide beach destinations, but Konkan offers just the same with plenty of natural beauty to be admired and beaches that are crystal clear.

Ganpatipule is one of the well known beach spots among Konkan beaches. It is 375 km from Mumbai, Maharashtra, and an ideal location to leave your worries behind and get enchanted with nature’s beauty surrounding this strip of amazing land. Of interest, the clear blue sea waters add to the existing delight of the place and ideal for a cool break away from the hustle bustle of daily life. Though this unique piece of land offers everything a traveler desires, it’s still not flocked by tourists abroad due to locals still getting adjusted to frequent foreign travelers. Another point to be noted is it’s not recommended to be visiting this area during the holiday period as it looks crowded with plenty of local activity. If one doesn’t mind getting involved, then the combination of experiencing the serenity the locality offers along with getting to know the culture would prove beneficial. Swayambhu Ganapati temple is a must-visit place and thought to have naturally formed that was accidentally unearthed about 1500 years ago.

A lazy, cozy town called Murud, a fisherman’s abode also has a cool beach and a majestically built fort called Janjira. Siddi Jahor built the fort, and it was the Siddis’ capital before. Ahmadganj and Siddi Jahor palaces are also worthy attractions that fill this place up.

If you’d like to get lost between Arabian Sea & the Western Ghats, pen down the Konkan as the next place to visit for the natural beauty it offers is too much you could ask for.