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Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah is not the site of one canyon but a series of canyons that runs north south direction from the edge of the Paunsaugunt Plateau. Erosion over millions of years have resulted in beautiful and colorful rock formation by natural processes. These limestones are shaped into spires, fins, arches, mazes, in a variety of shades of pinkwhite, yellow, and red. This whole magic of shape and color is is called the hoodoos of the Canyon region. The Park is named after Ebenezer Bryce, a farmer by profession and also the first person to settle in this region.

The Grand Staircase of the Bryce Canyon National Park refers to the Pink Cliffs that have been formed by erosion of different colors of sandstone. Geographically they are much recent then the other features here. They are also the highest escarpments in the park. They are named according to their color like Chocolate, Vermilion, white, Gray and Pink. The Cloron formation of the rocks eroded from limestone and sandstone are another type of formation examples of which can be seen in Red Canyon and Cedar Breaks. Rain and melting snow from the mountains give these rocks in the Pink Cliffs their particular shapes like the fins, and spires which are collectively called the hoodoos.

The Bryce Canyon National Park is accessible by the UT 12. The park offers about fourteen viewpoints. Bryce Point and Fairyland points are a must see. Take side trails and explore the main region of the parks instead of walking on the main road. . the Paria River trail, Lake Powell and the Grand Canyon trails are some of the areas that you can follow. Most of the trails shows you the natural sculpture and the hoodoos but perhaps the best is the Fairyland trail. Also not all the trails deal with the rocks as the Bristlecone Trail which takes you through the grove of the Bristlecone pines. The Mossy Cave trail takes you through waterfalls and an alcove. The North and the South campground have about 216 sites. A permit also has to bought with five dollars for camping inside the park.

Bryce Canyon National Park is a hikers paradise. You can choose from easy, moderate to strenuous hikes here.

Easy Hikes:

Mossy Cave It stretches for 1.3 kilometers. It takes you through a small waterfall and gushing streams.

Rim Trail : Gives you wonderful view of the hoodoos and stretches from the Sunset and Sunrise Points.

Bristlecone Loop : This hike takes you through spruce-fir forests to cliffs with bristlecone pines and expansive vistas.
For Moderate tours you can try out :

Navajo Trail: It originates in the Sunrise point and goes down in the Canyon past the bridges.

Tower Bridge: It leads you through the pine grove and to the bridge.

Hat Shop: In this trail you see a number of cluttered balanced hoodoos.

Strenous Treks:

Fairyland Loop
Peek a boo Lopp
Riggs Spring loop

Birds and Animals in Bryce Canyon National Park:

You generally chance upon mountain elks and pronghorns in this region. Birds have made this their natural habitat. About 175 different species of birds have been reported here.