Andorra – A Skier Haven

Skiing in Andorra

Andorra is a minuscule principality sandwiched between France and Spain in the Pyrenees Mountains. It is most famous with travelers for its ample skiing opportunities as well as the tax free shopping havens.

Andorra is blessed with some breathtakingly beautiful landscapes, and there are a huge number of hiking trails and routes where the adventurous in soul can explore the scenery much more in detail. The skiing here is certainly among the best in entire Europe, and the ski season starts from Dec, and goes on to the March end.

Andorra has a huge number of ski resorts, and all of these have a variety of unique experiences on offer. All of these are exceedingly rewarding options, and the resort you pick will guarantee an excellent time for all concerned. Just about the north of La Vella, the capital city, is located the Pal Arinsal Resort.

Skiing in Andorra

The resort is popular with beginner as well as lower intermediate skiers. There are families and young people that come here. Pal and Arinsal are both exceedingly beautiful Alpine hamlets that have an interesting culture and beautiful landscapes.

The Ordino Arcalis is located in the north west region of Andorra, and is a breathtakingly beautiful destination. The snow season is a lot longer here, and the quality of the snow is also really better. The El Serrat village is a beautiful village where you can stay when you come to Ordino or Arcalis. The ski destinations are located a little distance away, but the beauty of the village makes it more than worth it.

The Pas de la Casa Grau Roid resort is another top notch winter holiday destination that is situated close to the border shared with France, and has some excellent value for money deals on offer for visitors. The slopes are also perfect for snowboarders. The resort is also connected to Soldeu. Soldeu El Tarter Resort is located in Canill, and is a renowned resort in Europe.

All these resorts have a variety of accommodation options on offer. There are a great number of hotels and resorts that cater to all price ranges. There are a good number of options that will give you a good staying experience with a reasonable list of facilities, as well as comforts, without making it necessary for you to break the bank.

Andorra is accessible only via road. The country can be entered from France or Spain. Land at the Barcelona, or Girona Airport when entering Andorra from Spain, and use the CG1 roadway. When entering from France, go to Toulouse Blagnac Airport, and use the CG2 road. There are regular bus services going to La Vella from both Spain and France. There are railway services from l’Hospitalet-près-l’Andorre in France and Puigcerda in Spain.