7 Museums in Corfu, Greece


A cruise in the Greek islands is as full of beauty and it is history, and in between enjoying the water and beaches there’s plenty of time to discover a little something more.  Corfu, the second largest of the Ionian islands, is as full of history and culture and it is of beauty, and a stop on the island will give you opportunities to experience both.

Corfu, also known as Korkyra or Kerkyra in Greek, is well known in Greek mythology.  Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea, fell in love with a beautiful nymph named Korkyra.  As gods were wont to do in mythology, he kidnapped his love and took her to live on a beautiful island where they married and lived happily.  As a tribute to his love, he named the island after her.


Here are 7 recommended museums that will give you a glimpse at Corfu that you otherwise might miss:

    1. Archaeological Museum – Originally built as a home for the Gorgon pediment of the Artemis temple in Korkyra (in photo above), the museum has added on two more halls to house discoveries from the ancient city.
    2. Byzantine Museum of Antivouniotissa – This church has been converted into a museum that houses rare Byzantine art.
    3. Banknotes Museum – Just like it sounds, this museum features a collection of Greek currency dating back to its independence.
    4. Kapodistrias Museum – The summer home of Ioannis Kapodistrias (the first head of Greece’s independent government) has been converted to a museum that commemorates his life and achievements.
    5. Music Museum – Located in the building of the Philharmonic Society of Corfu, the museum features instruments, music scores, and a variety of other music artifacts.
    6. Museum of Asian Art – Over 12,000 pieces of art, mainly Chinese and Japanese.
    7. Serbian Museum of Corfu – Rare exhibits of Serbian soldiers during WWI are on display, including photos, uniforms, flags, religious artifacts, and more.

Corfu is also home to Ionian University and there are plenty of educational and historical offerings from the university.

Whether you come to Corfu as a cruise port of call, or decide to stay for a few days, you’ll be swept up in the history, culture, and beauty of this Greek island.