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Vermont Teddy Bear factory tours

The Vermont Teddy Bear factory is located in Shelburne, VT – less than ten miles South of Burlington – and it is a great family destination to visit while traveling through the New England region.

Did you know that Vermont Teddy Bears are the only bear made in the U.S.A. and that they are guaranteed for life? Vermont Teddy Bear offers over 100 teddy bears to choose from, each one carefully constructed and customized for any occasion.

When you arrive at the colorful Vermont Teddy Bear factory, there is an immediate sense of magic that only a toy land can inspire. The parking area is free, clean and surrounded by a well manicured, park that leads to the factory’s entrance. Decorative lighting and landscaping beautifies the grounds that also include painted wooden cutouts where guests can “become a bear” for fun photo opportunities. However, the real entertainment lies within the brightly painted walls of the factory and includes the facility tour, Vermont Teddy Bear museum and delightful gift shop.

The Vermont Teddy Bear factory tour runs regularly throughout the day and lasts approximately 30 minutes. The cost is $2.00 per adult and kids 12 & under are free. Led by an enthusiastic “Bear Ambassador”, attendees learn the unique history of the Vermont Teddy Bear company, as well as see first hand how each bear is carefully created. There is no sitting down on the tour as participants are led through the various stations of bear construction. The first stop introduces you to the company, showing samples of the very first bears ever made and details about how they evolved over time. Lots of puns and laughs are interspersed among the script, and visitors are given opportunities to hold the bears. Try to spot the several hidden bears throughout the factory zones, remembering to look high and low in every direction. Test your memory by answering questions presented by the guide about the factory to win a “button bear” – a cute little scrap of fabric cut in a bear shape – left over from manufacturing of the bears themselves. The last stop on the tour ushers guests in to the Vermont Teddy Bear Hospital, where damaged bears arrive for a lifetime of care & repair. If your Vermont Teddy Bear ever gets damaged beyond repair, just salvage and send in any identifiable part (such as the “tush tag”) and the Vermont Teddy Bear company will replace it for you providing free return shipping of your lovable teddy. The teddy’s box even contains air holes and treats to make their transport comfortable.

At the end of the tour, guests can return to the main entrance/gift shop area and enjoy making their own custom bear (or other animals), or purchase an original Vermont Teddy Bear complete with fantastic outfits and accessories. On site embroidery of items is also available.

Each Vermont Teddy Bear is truly unique and handcrafted. The bears have the words “born in Vermont” imprinted on the inside of each eye, certifying them as originals. While Vermont Teddy Bears may be more expensive than other toys (starting at $45 each without clothing or accessories) their fine craftsmanship and lifetime guarantee make them a personal & precious gift that will be cherished by all ages. Outfits for a Vermont Teddy Bear range from $15 & up, with the most decorative ensembles costing an average of $30 each.

Overall, the Vermont Teddy Bear factory tour is a fun excursion for everyone! Plan to spend anywhere from 1 – 2 hours to fully enjoy all that the factory has to offer and if you are unable to visit them in person, be sure to check out the Vermont Teddy Bear website ( which offers details about their products, virtual cards, teddy-grams and more!