Kumaon Trekking – India

How about trekking in the Himalayan ranges? Wouldn’t it be an opportunity well sought if given a chance? Well, it indeed would. For nature lovers, photographers, mountaineers and trekkers it’s a never land with endless visual delights along the valleys and mountain ranges.

Kumaon treks could be done throughout the year with the most favorable conditions being from the months of April to June or September to November. All this is accountable to the terrain’s vastness and elevation differences. Mountaineering expeditions could be undertaken in the forests and valleys of Kumaon. The primary hill resort is Nainital in Kumaon. Essential equipments needed are quite easily obtained on rent basis or you could also carry your professional gear.

The Kumaon area of Uttaranchal Himalayas is considered most picturesque compared to other areas in India. It stands tall at an admirable elevation and surrounded by amazing dense forests and peaks. The forests house abundant wildlife and an absolute paradise, especially for bird watching as well as nature lovers.

As natural as it can be is Uttaranchal with the Himalayan range spreading wide, unmatched heritage, culturally very colorful and heavenly peaceful. Every inch of Kumaon region is distinct and that includes the city, village, town, river and mountain. It does offer clear pictures of the mighty Himalayas.

When compared to hill stations worldwide, there’re some beautiful hill stations situated in Kumaon that easily fights for contention to be called unique and distinctive, probably because nature’s carved itself quite magnificently. Kumaon comprises of Nainital’s districts, Pithoragarh and Almora.