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Kenya Safari: For the Big 5 + wild migration + diverse landscape

The homeland of safari as well as the crib of mankind, Kenya is a land of great diversity as well as transparent natural splendor. Right from the Great Rift Valley to the central highlands, lakes to elephants, and mountains to white sand beaches; everything here including the ancient culture seems to pull ...Read More

Mombasa: One of the best places to travel in Kenya

Ever been to Mombasa, Kenya or simply been recommended to by a friend as a good destination to unwind after a year of hectic schedule? Well no doubt as Mombasa is one of the most popular travel destination in Kenya. Here is 5 reasons why Mombasa should make it to your list ...Read More

Luxury Safaris in Africa – spring break

Are you prepared for an adventurous expedition this spring break? If you’re bored with the standard beaches and resort venues in the country’s most-visited spring break destinations, it might be time to set your sights beyond borders. A luxury African safari may be just what you need to explore and enjoy some ...Read More