Alnwick Castle – A history

The Alnwick castle is a definite must visit whenever you get a chance. For those who do not know, it is the castle that was used as the set for Hogwarts in the Harry Potter Series.

The castle boasts of a rich and illustrious past. The history of the Alnwick castle goes as far back as the years 1172 and 1174. The castle was witness to the great wars that took place in the region when King William ( William the Lion ) from Scotland led siege to the Kingdom.

Alnwick castle

The Alnwick castle survived the conquest, and sits now restored in good condition for travelers all over the world to marvel at its majesty. The castle was built by Yvo de Vescy, and mortar and wood was used most for its building. The House of Percy later tried to rebuild the castle in several ways so as to make it invincible, but there is a huge amount of evidence of the past construction.

The castle certainly had what can be described as a bloody past, not where the Percys distant from controversy. Queen Elizabeth beheaded Thomas Percy in fifteen seventy two. Sir Hugh Smithson on becoming the Duke of Northumberland stayed in the castle, and it was he that carried out a huge amount of restoration work in the castle.

Alnwick castle

The Duke of Northumberland began restoring the castle in the year seventeen fifty five. The restoration work was done in the gothic style of architecture, and this was much appreciated. The Alnwick castle is visited by a huge number of visitors from all over the world, and among them architects, students of architectural history, historians, artists, all of them come to the castle to admire its beautiful wood and mason blends, which is a truly impressive work of craftsmanship. Considering the technology that was prevalent then, it is truly remarkable how such tasteful buildings were built. Which just goes to show that technology is certainly no replacement for skill.

Alnwick castle

When the first duke of Northumberland passed away, he was succeeded by the second duke, who fought in the American war of Independence. The Constable Tower of the Castle was used as an armory for the army. At this time, the  castle was so powerful and the soldiers so brave that even Napoleon Bonaparte was repelled during an invasion.

The Alnwick castle was then home to six more successors of the Dukem and the sixth Duke played a good hand in rebuilding and refurnishing the castle.

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